Our Story

We have been using our concoction for years in the family. My mother would even bathe babies at mothers request, a tradition done by her grand mother. Read in readers digest about the future of soap, Made an impact. Relocated back to Nigeria during retirement, thought about what to do. Son complained about bathtub stains from dudu osun. Wanted to do liquid soap in user friendly packaging. Didn’t want to use harsh chemicals. Grand mother used traditional clay pots wrapped the soap in leaves. She made coconut oil from coconut. All items weren’t thrown away – true sustainability. Water would be drunk, the coconut would be eaten (sweets for children). Shell used to make activated charcoal (various uses teeth whitening, poisoning).
2010 – packaging olive oil and coconut oil. Looked in the market and no liquid black soap and decided to be innovative by liqueifying and making it rich in moisture. Purification process. Gave It out to friends and family for free. Loved it as it was user friendly and deeply moisturising.

We are a family business.