Mission / Vision /Core Values


Provide the best nourishment, inside and out, for everybody
• Be the standard for natural and organic African made health and wellness products
• Provide leadership for future generations through entrepreneurship and education schemes
• Support agricultural and manufacturing initiatives in Africa
• Champion African made products globally


Development of a global enterprise, with health and wellbeing of body and mind at its heart, to drive the required transformations for betterment whilst ensuring an ethical, equitable, and sustainable world for all inhabitants.

Values and Principles – Why We Are Trusted

We have a lot we want to accomplish, and we believe we can. Our values and principles help keep us focused at every turn no matter the challenges. These are supported by 5 pillars, Respect, Commitment, Transparency, Empathy and Leadership, to ensure consistency in all our products and services to our customers.

Our Values

  • We promote nature over man made synthetics
  • We prize sustainability over profitability
  • We facilitate partnerships over singularities
  • We encourage legacy over instant gratification